About Our Brand


Here at Erratic Creations, we focus on fostering and promoting artistic originality; 

accentuating individuality in imagination. In doing so, we aim to help artists establish a 

brand of their own. We want to provide a networking environment that will not only 

serve to connect artists but also inform buyers of our newest arrivals! We offer the 

convenience of online credit payments with the addition of third-party security protocols, making international transactions worry-free! 


Service highlights include: 

Product range diversity

Various viewing modes for products

Multiple online payment methods

Numerous product filters

Cross-cultural networking

Secured transactions

Portfolio building

Effective brand promotion


Erratic Creations is an international exchange platform perfect for artists and shoppers

to cultivate ingenuity. So what are you waiting for? Discover your next new interest here!


Brand Spirit


Erratic Creation believes that all art is original and unique, giving us ¡§novel creation, creating novelty!¨.


Much like the brand logo, a paint brush held by an elephant, ready to create with a stroke of genius! There is no one on this planet who can dismiss the value of your work. However, only you hold the power to spark life in your creation.



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