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Someone said

alarmSaturday, September 14, 2019
Someone said: “Three hours practicing a day, then you’ll become a master in a decade.” What were those which gave you a boiling passion and kept you up ten years ago today? If there weren’t. Say these words to yourself in next decade. “I surely can make it!” We invited DaFu, be our leading role in the story of this issue. DaFu is the author of “Popularity King. DaFu Studio”.(人氣王 大腹工作室) And we bring a classic scene in Japanese drama to this conversation between a master and a apprentice, which is under the view of sun set. Hope you’ll enjoy.
Picture for blog post 第一期:原型師的鐵漢柔情

A Tough Guy With A Tender Heart

alarmTuesday, May 21, 2019
Hello, everyone. I’m the editor of Erratic Creation We’re different Monthly, Mr. W . We’re different Monthly specialized in interviewing model makers. I hope that more and more creators will understand how “creation” makes dreams come true through the interviews. There is always a master in each creator. Well, what is your master look like? Is she wearing an old school style beret? Or he has a long beard hanging on his face.